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A Walk in the Woods

"The play is masterfully staged. With minimal set pieces... the viewers perspective is shifted and it makes each scene feel fresh and interesting like we are turning around this dramatic space in a circle."
"Director Ken Sawyer has taken some liberties with the original script – and so has added layers at the already subtle and fascinating study of two people asked to figure out a way to avoid nuclear proliferation...The injection of a female into the mix has added some intriguing new dynamics....Let’s not forget another change which director Ken Sawyer made to the original script. Just imagine both negotiators finally taking off their shoes, rolling up their trousers, and splashing around in a nearby pond. This is another excellent addition... "
SPLASH Magazine
"Loaded with hope and futility, A WALK IN THE WOODS, directed by Ken Sawyer stars two remarkable actors.
Sawyer obviously worked hand-in-hand with his technical team of designers to create the woods as a third character in the play, adding in realistic seasonal sounds and colorful lighting on the sparse tree-ringed set."
"The current production at Actors Co-Op has been skillfully directed by Ken Sawyer... The audience comes to feel they are nearly seated on the same bench as the negotiators. Sawyer has given his talented duo a lot of movement and the simple setting presents several different views so the action never becomes static."
Rob Stevens
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