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“Greed, strangulation, and male nudity…Ken Sawyer delivers the boos with relish… We want torture, we want mind games, we want to shriek. Sawyer gives us live flesh and a few effective bumps in the night. Done.”​


“Director Ken Sawyer has successfully added sensual passion to a play that usually succeeds solely through cleverness and scares.”​

“Throughout the play we heard many a grown man yelp, and we observed audience members clutching their chairs. The suspense is interspersed with dark humor and plenty of steamy moments…The play, directed by Ken Sawyer, will make you gasp, laugh and probably sweat a bit.”​

Ken Sawyer’s staging, magnificent. Whether you've seen Deathtrap or not, see this production! It's as good as the original, maybe a tad better if you keep your eyes and ears riveted throughout, for there are unexpected treats to savor.”​

The Ken Sawyer-directed production is a prime example of LA theatre at its all-around finest…Sawyer gives the current production an eroticism that could only be hinted at on Broadway in 1978. ..Sawyer deserves kudos for not giving us “just another Deathtrap.” What we have is a Deathtrap for the 21st Century, one which preserves everything that made the Ira Levin thriller such a hit in the 1970s and ‘80s while steaming things up for the New Millennium.”​

“When was the last time you heard a theatre audience scream in fright? There was a lot of shrieking going on in this theatre the other night…What unfolds is spooky, sexy, hilarious, and dramatic.”​

“The current remounting ranks as one of the best produced productions in Los Angeles. Sawyer’s clever choices of haunting background music perfectly set and heighten the playful, suspense filled ambiance.”​

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