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Hit the Wall


"A stunning immersive production, courtesy of director Ken Sawyer. Don’t miss it."-LA Times


"Hit the Wall delivers nothing less than a gut punch. Its impact under Ken Sawyer’s direction is undeniable...for taking a seminal event in gay liberation in a more artistic direction than other passes at the story have done."

"Ike Holter’s panoramic play Hit the Wall, an electrifying telling of the event as a feverish dream, becomes a brilliantly evocative and immersive experience under the assured hands of director Ken Sawyer."-Frontiers LA

"...directed by extraordinary Ken Sawyer and performed by a tightly knit ensemble, Hit the Wall is an environmental piece that tells the story as it happened that night, up close and raw. This is most definitely a great ensemble at play under a fine director's hand. Sawyer brings out all the tension and never lets us relax for a second. We are pulled in at close range to every bead of sweat and every heartbeat... Hit the Wall must be seen by everyone with a conscience and a soul."-GrigwareReviews

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