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Lovelace: A Rock Opera


“…we are undeniably watching something original, at once refined and electrifying. Under Ken Sawyer’s brilliant direction, the tale of Linda Boreman carries its own darkly empathetic energy.”-LA TIMES CRITIC’S CHOICE

“…a high energy, nonstop, rock-n-roll trip into a strangely captivating world that’s at the same time nightmarish and dreamlike, fun and unsettling…Much of the success of Lovelace: A Rock Opera’s world premiere lies in the hands of the production team and director Ken Sawyer…the production has visual bang and propels forward beautifully.” -BACKSTAGE WEST​


Ken Sawyer’s well-staged production is fated to descend into hellish reds and writhing bodies, yet it’s shot through with beauty and sometimes even hope…it’s cathartic to watch (Linda Lovelace) stand strong and sing of her hard-fought independence before flashing lights that, in ironic defiance of the play’s title, beam out her real name: Linda Boreman.”=LA WEEKLY CRITIC’S CHOICE​

The direction is madly stylish!”-FRONTIERS MAGAZINE​

“Lovelace: A Rock Opera is an ambitious project but, considering Waronker and Caffey’s indelible score and blessed with the ever-imaginative staging of director Ken Sawyer, it should be on its way to becoming a great success.”-ENTERTAINMENT TODAY​

The superb Ken Sawyer's vivid direction catches the nuances of the book and breaks the pounding rhythms of the porn world and the rock score into pulsing life… Waronker, Caffey, Sawyer and their excellent cast have found an ideal expression of the emotional and very physical truth of this story of an era where girls in Playboy bunny ears express porn's seepage into pop culture with horrifying visual imagery.”-CURTAINUP.COM​

“Ken Sawyer stages a tableaux-laced spectacle…(an) elegant portrayal of slavery and redemption..”-LAWEEKLY (Special Feature Article)​

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