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One Red Flower 

“ ‘Red Flower’ grows into a profound journey…Ken Sawyer directs with a good eye for the visually poignant moment. More, he keeps the episodic structure and powerful emotions from slopping over into melodrama.” 

“…well-paced and varied, covering a range of combat experiences from moments that are exuberant…to those that are poignant and distressing…(Sawyer) creates a sense of connection among the men and enhances the dramatic tension, no small task for an evening of single person narratives woven together.”

“…(One Red Flower) has exceptional professional polish. Director Ken Sawyer has staged it superbly.”

“Paris Barclay was ‘overwhelmed’ with Carnegie Mellon's dress rehearsal of his musical, ‘One Red Flower: Letters from 'Nam,’ which opened last night. It had been staged before, but, he said, ‘never at this level.’ A professional production near Boston ‘may have spent more money, but it's never looked better than here -- it's technically A-level, with some unbelievable, thrilling moments.’ …The director here is Ken Sawyer, a young award-winner from Los Angeles, ‘the first director who's actually gotten it.’”
PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE (interview with Paris Barclay)

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