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"Rope is a fun, delightful romp through a game of murder that perks attention from the moment it starts, and thanks to brilliant director Ken Sawyer and his outstanding cast, it's a riveting and enjoyable evening in the theatre, far, far ahead of that Hitchcock movie...Under Sawyer's detailed direction, via which he manages effectively to pull out every ounce of humor, the cast give tremendously engaging performances."

"Amid the jukebox musicals and feel-good issue plays of the moment, thank the macabre heavens for grippingly disturbing entertainments. Ken Sawyer’s creepy in-the-round production tightens around you like a boa squeezing its dinner into paralyzation for two hours."

"Rope commences with an electrifying moment — the sort of cleverly crafted theatrics one might expect from director Ken Sawyer. In a pitch-black theater, the soft strains of a popular love ballad (“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”) can be heard. Suddenly, a blazing white light comes up on one man maniacally strangling another. The lights go down again; when they return, the victim has disappeared. We soon learn that his remains have been stuffed into a wooden chest which the murderer Brandon perversely plans to use as the buffet table for a party he’s hosting later on in the evening."

"As he did in Deathtrap, Sawyer improves on the Hamilton’s script without changing a word of the text, first by suggesting that Mrs. Debenham might have psychic powers, and later by taking a Hitchcock-inspired script alteration and transforming it into an act of conscience and expiation."

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