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The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe: Revisited

"The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe: Revisited, takes the iconic Lily Tomlin one-woman show and reconfigures it with a talented cast of twelve... Director Ken Sawyer pulls all of the show’s many elements together seamlessly, staging everything with fluid grace. His sound design, which adds details to enrich the scenes, is particularly impressive, from the squeak of a straw in a cup to the slosh of a waterbed...This revisitation of Tomlin/Wagner’s play is a successful and entertaining experiment, itself a sign of intelligent life in the universe."

​"Under Sawyer’s direction (he directed the deservingly award-winning Hit the Wall last year), this company again relates a complex series of stories...The writing may be strewn with 1980s memes, but the comedy and tragedy, here and elsewhere, arise from human nature and transcend time periods." 

LA Weekly-GO!

"Over the course of two acts bursting with the lovable weirdness of humanity, audiences take an emotionally moving and profound journey...It’s a triumph of art." 

Peoples World

"Ken Sawyer’s imaginative, detailed direction visualizes the whole and how each moment fits in, while he pulls crisp portrayals from his actors." 

Daily News

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