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The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

"'The Goat Or, Who Is Sylvia?' commands attention...Ken Sawyer's consummately realized staging…charts Albee's torturous trajectory from the ludicrous to the harrowing.. (Ann) Noble commands our awe in a high-decibel performance that is nerve-shattering and absolutely true. Under Sawyer's astute tutelage, Noble' metamorphoses into a modern-day Fury bent on a mission of righteous vengeance that excites both our sympathy and our horror.”

LA TIMES Critic's Choice


"Utterly Devastating Equity-Waiver Landmark Alert: How to explain why "The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?" at the Davidson-Valentini Theatre is one of the most exceptional L.A. productions of this or any year? For starters, director Ken Sawyer -- whose invisibly manipulated staging holds us from deliciously twisted beginning to wholly shattering end... At the finish of the airtight 90-minute proceedings, this observer wandered in a daze to the sidewalk and walked for a full hour, merely to try and grasp what he'd just experienced. If you think this off-the-cuff love letter is over-the-top, you haven't seen the show, which under no circumstances should be missed." 

David Nichols


“Director Ken Sawyer is so intelligent in his choices that I wish everybody thinking about directing at the Complex, or the Hudson, or the Celebration, would come see his work, and ask themselves whether they can contribute at this level. If not, they can certainly study here, and learn. Yes, it helps to have a sophisticated script. But to understand the potential dynamics in a plot and to exploit them so adroitly through motion and stillness, to use music this judiciously, to cast this well, to wring fine actors so thoroughly not merely of technique but of spiritual potential, is not something any given citizen can do. You have to be very very good at the whole art thing “


"…director Ken Sawyer pulls out all the stops and directs four amazingly skilled actors in what is one of the most grueling, yet rewarding actors' emotional workouts…The ensemble under Sawyer's deft direction are nothing short of sensational.“


“…the four cast members reflect the elegance and intelligence that radiates from  Sawyer’s staging. “  

Working Author


“Just hold onto your seats and get ready for the shock of your life….In ninety electrifying, intermissionless minutes, Albee quite literally tears this family apart, and director Ken Sawyer sees that vision through to the maximum level.”


“This production hits so many right notes, from the wonderful set design…to the impeccable direction of Ken Sawyer. It takes a well-trained eye to not only fully appreciate Albee’s world, but to delve deep into it and to not fear the awkward, hilarious, awful, painful truth of it all. And it boasts brave, nuanced, and fearless performances from Paul Witten and Ann Noble….with Mr. Sawyer’s skillful direction, Mr. Witten goes for a gentle but decisive approach.”


"Saw The Goat @LACulturalArts. Actors & play both BRILLIANT! So proud of this production. Run, don’t walk! A Must See."


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