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The Laramie Project

Ten Years Later

"'The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later' is a haunting feat...Ken Sawyer’s inspired staging wraps us around the action, up close and personal. It’s a haunting achievement as trenchant as it is artful, and not to be missed." 

LA TIMES Critics Choice


"Director Ken Sawyer demonstrates that, although the documentary approach is not sensational, it's nevertheless gripping, effective and deeply affecting. "

LA Weekly GO!


"...a tightly knit ensemble of outstanding actors under the stellar direction of Ken Sawyer. A must see! Not only do audiences get a sense of Matthew Shepard the icon, but most importantly feel the human side of Matthew as well. Everyone should see this play. It is a part of our history that we must not ignore."


"A life-affirming production that’s simultaneously thought-provoking, heart-wrenching and filled with hope...Sawyer’s in-the-round conceit, which mingles audience and performers, was an inspired choice in making the production a mix of its original simple conception and a communal experience that proves conducive to shared emotional catharsis."


"...a quietly splendid production helmed by Ken Sawyer. Sawyer respects the original Tectonic intent in evoking real but never overdone emotions. His ingenious production concept wisely ensures that we cannot turn our eyes and hearts away from the multiple sorrows of Laramie circa October 1998 and beyond. We become heartbroken captives within them. (Certainly I don’t think I’d want to know someone whose heart wasn’t broken by the end of this play.)"


"This was all accomplished by the director, Ken Sawyer. He did a beautiful job of simply understanding that drama doesn’t need to be manufactured through frenetic movement, but rather can be cultivated through stillness and silence....the stakes are high and the intensity level through the roof. The overall impression that is left with the audience at the end of this harrowing evening of theater is one of optimism, resilience, and hope. "


"Like the original, this is a complex play, a mix of theatricality and social history, a story of frustration and triumph, lovingly told."


"If there is any one theater-going experience to be had this year, The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later is the one to choose."

The Tolucan Times

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